Re-skimming - 2016-02-29

When it comes to doing re-skimming one has to be careful especially when re-skimming over non-porous surfaces such as vinyl silk or gloss painted surfaces. If PVA adhesive is appliled to these surfaces it would start to run off the wall due to the lack of suction in the wall and the glue can hang around for hours still wet. Finish plaster shoul... more

Keeping your tiles in good condition - 2015-02-18

Cracked and chipped tiles happen for a variety of reasons. If your floor comes under heavy load or frequent foot traffic, it will naturally wear over time.   However, if tiles start to crack or chip even under light load, it may not have been installed properly.   Tiles installed unevenly (with some tiles ... more

Our own Blog - 2014-09-15

  So here it is…our first blog and it’s going to be all about plastering.  To a lot of people, plastering is considered to be an art form.  It’s the one trade that most DIYers either have a go at and never try it again or they’re too afraid to have a go in the first place. The fact is, plastering is... more

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