Our objective is the completion of sub-contract plastering and tiling work to the main contractor, with the primary focus being timeous completion of work and quality assurance to all contracts undertaken by ourselves.


JJ Pimentel Plastering and Tiling CC will be one of the best and most respected general plastering and tiling contractors in our Industry - as measured by our employees and our customers.  The best people providing the best tiling and plastering solutions.


To undertake the construction business with a focus on becoming the cost leadership while excellence in every aspect to meet customers stringent requirements regarding the quality, on-time delivery, safety and environmental concerns.  We value the importance our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in dealings with all employees, customers, and subcontractors.  Our customers count on our commitment, our drive, and our integrity.  We take great pride in our accomplishment and build on them every day.


We value our employees - We believe in the unlimited potential of people empowered and focused on a common mission.  

We will not compromise the safety of our employees.

Employees are vital to the success of our company.

We develop our future leadership from within the organization, we encourage personal entrepreneurial spirit with the understanding that will be beneficial to the company.

We value our customers - We believe each customer is unique. With passion, we combine our energy, knowledge, and talents daily to construct projects that exceed our customers expectations.

We work to understand and anticipate our customers needs and believe quality work and service create loyal customers.

We provide a high level of service to our customers. We go the "extra mile" to overcome any construction challenge.

We challenge projects completed on time, on buget and with a high degree of workmanship and professionalism.

We value integrity - We believe that honesty and candor are the foundation for integrity and trust.

Integrity is a key to our success.

We are open and honest with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We comply with all rules, laws and reulations of all governmental and regulatory agencies.

We value continuous learning - We believe that knowledge empowers and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and organisations.

The success and growth of our company depends on our ability to work and communicate as a team.

We achieve excellence by putting our company's goal ahead of our personal interests.

We value continuous improvement - We set ambitious goals, stretch to meet then and then "raise" the bar again and again.

Good work ethics are highly visible, to both people inside and outside of the company, are are a necessary component of our success.

We are committed to be the best and we take pride in what we do.

We value results - We construct projects safely to meet the most stringent design and quality standards - those of customers.  We admire competence, seek best practices, and strive for swift execution, valuing a job done right.



A.J.N. Pimentel (Americo)

E.F.F Lopes (Eugenio)

J.J.A Pimentel (Joaquim)


Level 6 Contributor (47,97%)


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